Lead with Us

Everyone is a leader.

You have gifts and influence and we want to invest in you to help you grow as a leader. Our community has four categories of leaders: Team Members, Team Leaders, Interns and Staff.

Team Members help lead a program. They might set up for Soup Supper or help lead a social event. There are many options to lead this way in our community and we would love to help you find a role!

Team Leaders provide spiritual leadership for our community. They invest deeply in others by leading programs or bible studies. Team leaders are part of a huddle, receive regular mentoring, and empower others to lead.

Interns do all the things that team leaders do, but they also serve on our Executive Team to help vision and makes important ministry decisions. Student Interns are full time students and invest at least 10 hours. Campus Ministry Interns are usually recent graduates who are in year of discernment. They work around 20-25 hours / week.

Staff provide spiritual leadership, shepherd the vision of Geneva, equip team leaders and interns, and mentor our community. They are an amazing team who has committed themselves to living out God’s mission on campus and they would love to invest in you.

If you would like to know more about leadership at Geneva, contact Steve Kooy at kooys@queensu.ca.