What We Do & Why

Our Mission

Be an incredible community where people experience Jesus and his transformation in their lives.

Our Values

  1. We foster deep and meaningful community because God created us to do life together.
  2. We read the Bible, God’s living word, to hear from him.
  3. We constantly seek to align our hearts with the Father through prayer and meditation.
  4. We check our egos to ensure that God is at the heart of all we do.
  5. We equip and support our leaders.
  6. We support fellow campus ministries because the Church unified points people to Christ.
  7. We serve our campus and community in love.
  8. We are committed to seeking justice in our personal lives and as an organization.
  9. We strive to act with humility, to be quick to listen and slow to speak.
  10. We are not content to coast - we continually ask how we can better serve our community.

Our Purpose

In response to the multitude of issues and challenges that young people today face, we aim to be a group of people who reflect and point people towards Jesus and the answers that he provides to these tough questions.

Our Motivation

We believe that God has a big plan for our campus and for each one of our lives and we want to be part of his transforming work. God loves our campus, so we love it and we welcome everyone to experience Jesus through meaningful community. We invest deeply in people, inviting them to grow as followers of Jesus and as leaders in his Kingdom. We build authentic and meaningful relationships in order to demonstrate the love God has for everyone and to earn the right and respect needed to be a positive influencing force. We go deep with God, we go deep with each other, and we go out on mission together, serving others and helping them get connected with Jesus.